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As the owner and operator, The Liberty Group has engaged three key Service Partners to deliver specialist services, as follows:

Honeywell - Facility maintenance and refurbishment services including lights, air-conditioning, lift maintenance, plant and equipment,
essential services, cleaning, and landscaping.

G4S Security Services - Court user management and security, including emergency management.

Interform - Information Technology support.

Honeywell Team

Honeywell Team 

G4S Security Team

Tim Hunter, Nathan Field, Ben Hanley, Marcello Averte

Interform Service Desk Team

The Liberty Group and its Service Partners operate in a partnering environment, and are committed to operating the Victorian
County Court Facility using the following key principles:

  • Dignity and integrity of the Victorian County Court is enhanced.
  • Customer service and continuous improvement focus.
  • Service delivery is continuous, integrated, accessible and responsive.
  • Contractual requirements are met and exceeded wherever possible.
  • Effective communication is promoted.
  • Safety and security of all Court Users is maximised.
  • Solutions are innovative and cost effective.

These services are delivered in partnership with government agencies including Court Services Victoria, County Court,
Juries Commissioner's Office, Victoria Police, and Corrections Victoria.


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